Fast fashion has been everywhere as consumers of this generation are obsessed with the factor of “now”. Fast fashion is a term used by fashion retailers to describe how fashion moves quickly from the catwalk to stores by mass production. This concept for the way consumers shop was developed for the sake of keeping up with trends. Most consumers do not take into consideration what it is they are buying into. As a consumer of today the attraction comes from cheap pricing and easily accessible clothing. Although these characteristics are enticing when buying clothing there is a lot of behind the scenes action that could sway a consumers decision to buy. These being, the waste the company creates in the process of creating this clothing, or the fact that the clothing is incredibly cheap and will be thrown away in a matter of months. When mass production is happening a lot of mess ups occur and are thrown away into a landfilled, accompanied by much other clothing that sits there. Another thing that occurs behind the scenes is the issue with cheap labor and unethical labor practices. Lastly the toll fast fashion competes with high end designers who create quality clothing but for a cost. The repercussions  of buying into fast fashion are, global warming, unethical labor practices and the unattainable expectations for the fashion industry. Fast fashion can be a cheap and accessible way for consumers to keep up with trends and buy clothing, however, the repercussions fast fashion contributes to the world outweigh the benefits.

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